Trash bag dumper fined in the City of Reading

(December 20, 2018) – Wilfredo Soto Torres (age 56) was cited by City of Reading Police Officer Devin Hasenauer for illegally dumping a large number of black plastic bags on 9/24/18.  Soto Torres was found guilty by Magisterial District Judge Kyley L Scott of depositing waste on a roadway in the City of Reading and paid a fine of $300 plus costs for a total penalty of $416.50.
“I am glad to be working with Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful on this program,” says Kevin Lugo, Sustainability & Solid Waste Manager for the City of Reading. “Illegal dumping puts litter in our neighborhoods, can be a health hazard, and costs the city thousands of dollars to clean up. Dumping is an eyesore in our community and directly affects residents and businesses who find garbage piled on their property. Our community does not tolerate illegal dumping. If you witness illegal dumping or find a dump site, please let the City know by reporting it through iRequest or calling 877-727-3234.”

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