Documenting illegal dump and graffiti sites throughout Pennsylvania is a critical step in educating people about these problems on our lands and waters, and ultimately in helping to restore the natural beauty of our state. If you know the location of any illegal dump and/or graffiti sites, please help by completing the information below and submitting to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful who will share with the appropriate agency. Please complete a separate form for each site. If you have photos of the site you are reporting, you can upload them at the end or email to Rob Dubas. Please reference the county and township in the email to ensure we match the correct report with the photos. Thank you for your help in beautifying our state!

Report an Illegal Dump or Graffiti Site

Type of land the dump or graffiti site is located on: *
Is there illegal dumping at the site? If so, check as many types of trash as applicable: *
Is there graffiti at the site? *

Please fill out the following contact information if you would want to be contacted regarding this site if necessary. (This contact information will not be shared with anyone outside of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, unless you tell us otherwise.):

If you have photos of the site with trash and/or graffiti, you can upload them below or email photos to (please put the county and municipality in subject line). Photos of the area could also help local authorities locate the site.
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