How do the cameras work?

Each set consists of three different cameras that together can effectively monitor one dumpsite. One captures license plates and another captures the overall scene, day or night, while the third will send instant messages of site activity to cell phones and email addresses. Correct positioning is critical to capturing usable evidence.

How do we borrow the cameras?

Applicants must complete, sign and submit the IllegalDumpFreePA Surveillance Support Camera Loan Program Application to Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. All applicants will be evaluated by a review committee and successful applicants will receive an award letter. The borrower will contact the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful  office to determine method of delivery and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful staff training and installation.

What is the camera loan time?

A camera set may be utilized at an active dumpsite until sufficient evidence is collected to pursue prosecution or until KPB and the borrower agree to remove them. The anticipated loan period is approximately 3 months, depending on site activity.

How many camera sets can we borrow at one time?

Multiple sets may only be borrowed if there is no waiting list. Camera sets are loaned out on a first come first serve basis to eligible applicants. If there is a wait list returning applicants will be placed on the bottom of the list. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful reserves the right to reject applications for any reason.

Do the cameras come with everything needed and/or is there a cost to the borrower?

Camera sets come complete, ready to be installed and turned on. The borrower’s cell numbers and/or email addresses will already be programmed into the wireless camera. All components needed to attach, secure and position each camera are included. All batteries, battery life is approximately 2 months, depending on activity and weather, and 6 – 8GB, high quality SD cards per camera are included. Additional batteries and SD cards will be the borrower’s responsibility. Please note that only Panasonic eneloop pro Ni-MH or Energizer 1.5V AA Ultimate Lithium batteries and SanDisk Class 10 SDHC SD cards (8GB preferred) should be used for optimum function and to comply with warranty.

Is there ongoing technical assistance?

Yes, as long as funding permits. Most technical difficulties can be solved thru email or by phone. On-site assistance is available, if needed, again – as long as funding permits.

Are the cameras available to buy?

Yes, new camera sets and individual cameras are available for sale. Used cameras will be available for sale and cost will be determined at that time.  For more information contact Rob Dubas at or 724-836-4121 x 107.