Illegal Dump Free PA Surveillance Camera Loan Program Grant Online Application

The Illegal Dump Free PA Surveillance Camera Loan Program is designed to provide surveillance cameras to eligible organizations in Pennsylvania to help capture evidence at active, illegal dumpsites. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB) will loan three high quality surveillance cameras and provide training and assistance to selected applicants. Grant recipients will work with local enforcement agencies to ultimately reduce illegal dumping through public education and enforcement.

Grant Criteria

– Eligible organizations include municipalities, townships, boroughs, cities, counties as well as non-profit organizations within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Private property owners or individuals are not eligible.

– Each grant recipient will receive the use of three surveillance cameras to capture evidence of illegal dumping at an active dumpsite.

– Applicants can submit only one application, but may list one or more potential sites.

– Recipients must agree to install and maintain surveillance cameras. Recipients must pledge to collect evidence of illegal dumping and follow through with prosecutions, partnering with local and state enforcement agencies as applicable. Recipients will work with local media and KPB to educate the public about the costs of illegal dumping to their community by publicizing prosecutions and cleanup details.

– Recipients must submit the Permission to Enter Form signed by the property owner prior to the distribution of cameras or training. Award letters are valid pending signed permission.

– Applicants are required to submit at least four photos per site (photos should be sent electronically in a jpg format) of their targeted site. Photos must clearly show the relative size of the dumpsite, site contents, surrounding landscape/terrain, and be from more than one angle.

– Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as long as funds permit. All applications will be evaluated by a review committee and awarded 2-4 weeks after receipt and as cameras are available.

– Upon receiving the award letter, recipients will contact the local Magisterial District Judge and introduce the program and educate them through materials provided by KPB. Forward name, phone number, and contact date to KPB. (requirement prior to receiving the cameras.)

– Surveillance cameras and training will be provided as soon as possible after grant award.

– Surveillance cameras may be utilized at the site until sufficient evidence is collected to pursue prosecution of the illegal dumper or dumpers, or until KPB and the municipality or organization agree to remove them. The anticipated loan period is approximately 3 months, depending on site activity.

– Recipients will inform Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful on a regular basis of successful evidence collection, ongoing prosecutions, and sentencing details. Submit Progress Report Form to KPB every two weeks.

– Any additional batteries needed for the cameras will be supplied by the recipient during camera use. Recipients must use only Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9X batteries.

– Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful will activate and maintain wireless communication on selected cameras.

– At the conclusion of the project a completed final report, including successful evidence photos, prosecution details and media coverage, must be submitted to KPB on the Camera Final Report Form. Photos are required (photos should be sent electronically in a .jpg format).

Illegal Dump Free PA Surveillance Camera Loan Program Grant Application